Bluestone Giving Foundation

-Kindness in Crisis

Bluestone Giving Foundation (BGF) is a nonprofit, private charity of Bluestone Physician Services. The foundation is dedicated to developing a fund, sustained primarily by employee donations,  for all Bluestone patients and care coordination members in need. The mission of BGF is to be a stepping stone for people in need out of a crisis situation.

BGF’s vision is to provide timely assistance to those who find themselves in a moment of need. The recipient is sponsored by a Bluestone staff member to receive aid from the foundation.  The Application is reviewed and eligibility determined.    Assistance may be food, obtaining medication, emergency financial aid or other support to get through the urgent situation and help to move towards a permanent solution.

The Foundation’s Goals:

  • To provide emergency support for those who find themselves in need and are unable to resolve that need without assistance, or are unable to quickly get that emergency assistance from State, Federal or other community sources
  • To create a permanent fund from which money may be drawn to meet the urgent requirements of those in need
  • To compile a list of local resources able to respond rapidly to emergency situations for which the Foundation itself may not have adequate resources, and to develop a knowledgeable liaison to these resources
  • To create a heightened sense of responsibility within our communities to support our neighbors in need.

Since its inception in 2014, the foundation has granted aid to over 85 recipients for a huge variety of needs:   Funds for dental work, gift cards for school supplies, food, gas, help with utilities, replacement of a stolen bike, help with moving costs; these are just a few examples. Since 2014, we have awarded over $22,000 in funds!  We do not do any fundraising outside of our employee base, but anyone may donate to the foundation! Print donation form here to mail in a contribution.

For questions about participating in the Bluestone Giving Foundation, email