2018 Immunization Clinics

Bluestone Physician Services is partnering with CVS Pharmacy to provide fall immunizations to residents of select Bluestone communities. This service is offered to Bluestone patients, non-Bluestone patients and community staff.

The following immunizations are provided:

  1. Influenza (Administered based on age)
    • Under 65 – Seasonal quadrivalent serum
    • Over 65 – Seasonal high dose serum
  2. Pneumococcal (Administer what is appropriate for patient, verified in registries)
    • Prevnar 13
    • Prevnar 23
  3. Zosters (Shingrix)
    • CVS will schedule a follow-up clinic within six months to complete the second dose for this new shingles series.
  4. TDap (Boostrix)

Here’s what you need to do to get your vaccinations, which are available through the end of the year.

  1. Register. Contact Bluestone’s Kortni Cloud at 651-571-3482. She’ll help you sign up for a clinic. Once registered, you’ll get a confirmation email from CVS and a local pharmacist will call within 72 hours to discuss details.
  2. Give consent. Fill out this CVS form giving consent to all the vaccines the patient would like to receive. The patient or legal representative must either sign this form or give verbal consent. If a Bluestone patient needs help obtaining consent, please contact Kortni Cloud at 651-571-3482 or your provider team. After completing the consent form, turn it in, mail or fax it to community staff.
  3. Get vaccinated! All you need to do next is show up the day of the clinic to get your vaccinations. CVS will ensure that each patient only gets the vaccinations that are clinically appropriate for them, and will run insurance for each immunized patient. If insurance will not cover the vaccine, the pharmacist will notify the responsible party.

Still have questions? Call us at 651-571-3482.



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